Digital Video Input Output

By Carr Engineering, Inc. (mcarr@carr-engineering.com)

Version 1.32 released October 18, 2000

What is DVIO?

DVIO captures and sends both AVI Type 1 and Type 2 video files to and from your IEEE 1394 videocamera without the need for converting between multiple files types.

What do I need?

Where do I get it?

DVIO.EXE (32kb)

How do I use it?

  1. Turn on your videocamera.
  2. Connect it to the PC via IEEE 1394.
  3. Execute the DVIO.EXE file downloaded above.
  4. From the system menu, select the AVI format you wish to capture or send.
  5. Enter the filename you wish to capture or send by filling in the text box or clicking the "file" button.
  6. If sending, put the videocamera into record mode (or, leave it in stop mode to view without recording).
  7. If capturing, put the videocamera into playback mode.
  8. Click the "capture" button to capture an AVI file, or click "send" to export the AVI file to the videocamera.
  9. Click the same button again to end capture or playback.

Wish List

Following is a list of suggestions I've received for future versions of DVIO. Being a graduate student, I rarely have time to work on DVIO. But if I do, these are the features I will implement first. If you have a suggestion that is not listed here, please email me.

Improvements in v1.32

Improvements in v1.31

Improvements in v1.3

Because this program is free, there will be no public support for it.

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